Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day


I arrived at the NOLS Rocky Mountain campus today in Lander, Wyoming.  About 6,000 people live in the town and NOLS is right in the downtown.  I'm staying in what was once the Noble Hotel.  It's now the NOLS dormitory.  After putting my things away in dorm room 208, I went downstairs to the game room and was shocked into the game of meeting new people.  Almost everyone from the two semester groups were there - about 24 people in total.  Everyone would introduce themselves by saying their name and then what section they were in, 8 or 9.  I'm a 9.  So I naturally forgot the name of an 8 as soon as I met them!  We had an orientation meeting right away and I met my instructors.  I have 3, a man from outside of Chicago, a man from India, and a woman from Kenya....I forgot their names already. They gave us our schedule, which is..

Logistics Calender
9/8: HIKE orientation
9/9: Packing and Preparations
9/10-9/30: Mountain time in the Winds
10/1: pick up after hiking in the Winds
10/2: WFA begins
10/3: - 10/4  WFA
10/5: pack for Canyon section
10/6: leave for Canyon section  
10/7: - 11/2: Canyon time
11/3: Canyon Pick-up 
11/4: Drive to Rock climbing at Red Rock 
11/4-11/26: Climb in Red Rocks
11/28: back at NOLS rocky mountain
11/29-12/9: Winter on Togwotee Pass
12/10:last day
12/11: Departure for home

I have to head to bed, but I'll post more tomorrow night before I head off! 


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